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The True Life Wellness Team

Waukee Chiropractor, Dr. Tyler Molstre

Dr. Tyler Molstre

Dr. Tyler knew from an early age that he wanted to help people live healthy. As a young boy, he watched his older sister bravely battle cancer for three years. She endured rounds of chemotherapy and radiation that ultimately offered no results. Eventually she underwent a bone marrow transplant. At that time, it was deemed successful, and they were told she was cancer free. Within nine months, however, she died. She was only 17 years old when she passed away and he was just 12.

His sister felt fine for years prior to her diagnosis. It wasn’t until she no longer felt well that she went to the doctor. Dr. Tyler’s family, like many families, only sought medical treatment when they didn’t feel well.

Watching his sister undergo cancer made him realize that he was going to help those who were sick. As he pursued traditional medicine and began learning more about anatomy and physiology, he began to realize that our bodies are born with everything they need to function properly on its own.
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Dr. Wyatt Tyler

Dr. Wyatt’s story regarding Chiropractic Care is Uncommon

Dr. Wyatt’s story is one that most people don’t hear about in regards to Chiropractic care. Dr. Wyatt’s suffering wasn’t spinal related in terms of pain and suffering. His issues were GI related. At the age of 15, he became very ill and within days was in surgery for an ischemic small intestine. Part of the blood supply to a portion of his small intestine had been choked off, dying within days. That portion of intestine was removed along with his appendix. Following the surgery, the real pain started. Every day Dr. Wyatt dealt with intense IBS symptoms, which included frequent trips to the bathroom and near constant pain in his stomach. As a young adult, he learned to cope with the issues. Despite trying multiple medications, he was told that it was “just something he would have to learn to deal with”. Fortunately for Dr. Wyatt, he met a young Chiropractor that talked to him about the role his spine and nervous system played in regards to his gut health. After a report of findings that left him very skeptical, Dr. Wyatt received a specific adjustment to his spine in an area that had never caused him discomfort. While on the adjusting table, he felt an instant change in how his gut felt.
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Jill Long, Chiropractic Assistant

Jill Long
Jill hails from the South and graduated from the Memphis College of Art in Memphis, Tennessee with a BFA in Graphic Design. She worked as an Art Director at an advertising agency in Little Rock, AR., until the first of her two lovely children was born. Jill transplanted to the Midwest in 2008, saw her first prairie and fell in love. She recently moved with her family to the Des Moines area from Madison, WI, where she co-owned a pie shop with her sister. Check out the July 2015 issue of Midwest Living—her shop and one of their popular recipes are featured there. So, if you have any questions about pie crust, she is the one to ask.

“I have benefitted greatly from my consistent Chiropractic care. When I started working here, I was a perfect example of “sick care”. My medicine cabinet was full of medications and I received a monthly infusion of a highly toxic cocktail to treat my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was on a downward track, always sick and always miserable. Since beginning my care at True Life Wellness, I have successfully removed 7 of my 8 medications – my daily allergy pill is all that remains at this point. My RA is considered to be in remission. I no longer have high blood pressure. I cannot stress enough the importance of consistent Chiropractic care. It has changed my life. I am a new me.” -Jill

Aside from baking, Jill enjoys hiking, kayaking, painting, and meditation.


Robin Eaton, Chiropractic Assistant

Robin EatonRobin is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology with a minor in Psychology. Robin retired from a 20 year career in corrections in 2016. She has always been passionate about holistic medicine. Robin is a certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach, a certified IGNITE Breakthrough Coach, and a certified Neuro-Transformational Life Coach. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner (both Traditional Usui and Holy Fire II) and a Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner.

Robin considers herself to be a lifelong student and is always taking classes and reading to expand her knowledge. She is also an experienced dog trainer who spent time training with many world-renowned behaviorists and positive reinforcement trainers. She has volunteered with animals ranging from household pets to exotic species like the Bonobos at the Ape Cognition & Conservation Initiative.

Robin is excited to be part of the team at True Life Wellness. She has been under chiropractic care for over a decade, but was an instant convert to the Gonstead technique. Robin loves that it is a much more thorough approach to care! Under the care of Dr. Tyler and Dr. Wyatt, Robin has found relief from chronic headaches and knee pain.


Abby Sleeth

Abby Sleeth
Abby grew up in and near Waukee, Iowa. She has a background in customer service and sales, and her passion is caring for people. She is the Marketing Director at True Life Wellness as well as the Wellness Coordinator for Wellness Champions. She schedules our health talks around the city! Abby enjoys working at True Life Wellness because wellness is a cause that she believes in. She has seen first-hand the many ways chiropractic care has helped her family, all of whom are regularly seen for chiropractic adjustments. She likes being able to work behind the scenes to make sure the people of our community are given the chance to learn how to live healthier lifestyles both for themselves, and their families. Abby has a love for learning, and is looking forward to continually improving her own health through chiropractic care, as well as the tips and tools Dr. Molstre teaches.

In her free time, Abby enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, vacationing near the ocean, and meeting new people.


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